onsdag 20 december 2017

(SPOILER WARNING TLJ) Star Wars Fan fiction: Infinities

A Star Wars fan story
Daniel Lehto

Luke Skywalker woke up, a strange notion in his chest. It happened from time to time that the Force showed him glimpses of the constantly changing future, but this - this was something completely different. It was almost as if it had been real. He could still feel her kiss on his lips, feel her red hair running between his fingers as he gently caressed her head. The green eyed woman from his dream seemed so real. So familiar, and yet he had never seen her in his entire life.

Luke sat up on the side of his bed, scratching his beard and trying to focus. He could not let the thought of the woman go. She had woken feelings in him he thought he had buried deep down, never to be found. And still ... Those feelings had come so naturally, so intense. Like he had always been in love with her. He thought hard to recall her name. In the dream, he had known it.
What was it?
He couldn't remember.
Also, in the dream, Han lived. Leia studied the Force. And the Jedi Academy he had started was still alive and well.

Outside, the rain was pouring down. Ach-to surely had It's amount of rainy days. He had never felt lonely at the island before, but since Rey had left aboard the Millennium Falcon, he did, despite the caretakers and the porgs.

Connected to the Force, one was truly never alone. Hesitating, he opened up, the first moment in a really long time, and was completely overwhelmed by the thousands impressions. The cliff. The raging sea, blistered by the wind and rain. The dark pit, calling out. Tempting. He shrugged. The sensation of once again being connected to the Force was almost too much, too intense. And yet beautiful.

His eyes wet, his face calm, he saw the dream clearer. Though, it was no dream. The Force showed him himself; only the thing that it wasn't. It was another Luke Skywalker. A place where things had turned out quite differently. It was as if he could see this other world as clear as his own. Jacen. Jaina. Anakin. The three children of Han and Leia. Jacen turning to the Dark side, much like Ben. He could see the red headed woman. Mara. Mara Jade. His wife. And their ... son? Ben. He had a son. Ben Skywalker.

In this vision, all these things were true. In that place, he wasn't a failiure. He was a Grand Jedi Master, one of the most powerful there ever was. And he had lit the Jedi flame once again. And the next moment, the vision showed him an infinite number of Luke Skywalkers, each in his own different universe. He knew the Force was trying to tell him something. All these parallell dimensions seemed to exist at the same time. All possibilities covered.

Abruptly, the vision stopped. For a while, he sat on the bed, tears in his face, and felt strangely calm. So. This was his lot. His life. His destiny.

He rose, and went outside. The rain was still pouring down. He went to the cliff and stood there for a while, his old X-wing still visible under the sea. The waves crashed in, repeatedly against the rocks, slowly wearing them down. Luke nodded for himself. He had come to a decision. His mind made up, he went to the place where he used to meditate, the cliff where Rey had been having her vision. He knew that Force projection across the vastness of space would take it's toll on him, perhaps even kill him. But he had to give Rey the chance to pass on the learnings of the Force. And, as he had been telling Rey, he had come here for a purpose. Perhaps it was time.

Better get started then.

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